“Media Mix, Junk Food Fix”

In Media and Communications on September 27, 2009 at 1:06 am

sobering from a drunken trance

I used to have an appetite for writing… Then, I discovered my appetite for drinking, and writing took a backseat shortly thereafter. I used to hunt for opportunities and search for success, but then I stumbled upon the many vices that university had to offer…

Four years later, sobering from my drunken trance, I realize that the face of blogging has changed since my high school days. These days, blogs are like genitalia… Everyone has one, and they’ve got it on display for the world to see…

Forthespectators is not so much a blog, but a digital map of my line of thinking, career destination, and pop culture landmarks…

I have just recently switched career paths and found a new direction in life. (Drumroll…) Media and communications. I realize that I am infatuated with mass media and I spend more hours with media than I do with my friends. At the risk of sounding pornographic, I go to bed at night with media on my mind, heart, and lips…

I confess that if media-forms were donuts, I would be deathly obese. When I am not at my computer, I am on my blackberry, and when I am not on my blackberry, I am positioned in front of the television or voraciously reading magazines. It is easy to think of media as a distraction from life, but it has now become integral to all and to most.

This is my little salute to you, mass media.  Spectators will always love you.


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