What the Spectators Can Expect Of This

FOR THE SPECTATORS is not so much a “blog”. I find the word to be horribly constructed and its nature almost sounds profane and undignified.

Instead this is more of a digital map that I am sure will appeal to other Gen Y’s, like myself.

As for me, the writer, I prefer to shroud myself in cloud of quasi-anonymity. I know, I know… We are a visual generation, but I firmly believe that words have more meaning if the picture is not provided for you, and you use your imagination.

In the next few months, I intend to turn this blog into a full-fledged site (similar to the likes of, Viceland, Anthem Magazine, Valet Mag, Lintcoat, etc)… Essentially a place where you can come to find honest commentaries on lifestyle, food and wine, art, fashion, design, music, media, culture, communications, events, and city life. I find it restricting to just write about one thing and appeal to a niche market, which is recommended by most whiz-bloggers. So watch this space. I hope it will provide for an interesting read.


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